Family Support

We all do it rough at some point. ThinkYouth offers family support that emphasizes physical, financial and moral help for families in need of basic security.

Our services include but are not limited to providing supermarket vouchers, rent assistance, guidance counseling, and doing physical chores for the elderly.

We are committed and driven to be there for our community wherever we can.

Youth Services

Youth services play a significant role in the lives of the young. Through our youth services, we help them become educated and empowered through effective leadership. ThinkYouth offers a youth service program to encourage the younger demographic in establishing a brighter present for a brighter future.

At ThinkYouth, we recognise the basic right to be empowered through education. That’s why we offer the youth a number of helpful resources in order to facilitate their progress in society through education.

Our aim is to help them achieve their goals through guidance, financial help, and moral assistance. ThinkYouth offers a range of useful programs and services for students including assistance in purchasing study supplies, vouchers for food, providing guidance through mentoring and creating engagement through community and leadership events.

We provide social care, financial help and moral support to prepare younger generations as they amass further responsibility.

Disaster Relief

Think Youth’s disaster management relief service aims to empower affected local sectors to help them recuperate in their situation both as individuals and as a community.

We ensure that our relief services meet hardships’ necessities. Bushfire, flooding and drought are some of the major disasters that have struck Australia’s east-coast over the past few years. ThinkYouth provides relief services such as food, clothing, and temporary shelter for the victims of such events.

Our team is also here to assist those indirectly affected by Covid. ThinkYouth closely works with individuals and communities that have been affected by the current pandemic. We understand that the fortitude required to progress through daily life can be affected heavily by being stripped of one’s bare necessities.

Think Youth offers emergency relief that provides financial support and moral assistance for those in need. We believe in a hand-in-hand collective effort to overcome hardship.

Coronavirus Assistance

One in five people in Australia were facing food shortage at some point in the last 12 months. While the unemployment rate has stands at 6.9% and approx. 116,427 people were homeless.

COVID pandemic has chewed into savings of individuals, increase in job losses and paved an uncertain future for a few coming months or years.

Think Youth we believe that while each person is a unique individual, all people deserve basic rights – and that’s why we’re here to share the light of hope.

Providing food relief parcels to where it’s needed most, including international students.

Community Events

We believe that effective dialogue keeps our communities alive.

ThinkYouth builds upon this foundation to gather people as a collective to address and discuss solutions to various social issues.

Community is key.

ThinkYouth engages the community in events involving educators, panel events, and forums.  We aim to address community challenges including but not limited to social distress, youth involvement and social media awareness.