What we Do

Our Causes

Think ThinkYouth. ThinkYouth is a local humanitarian organisation with a global vision. Our services advocate the providence of basic necessities to less fortunate locals. Our offering includes providing basic care to those in need, empowering youth through education, and engaging communities in effective dialogue.

Unemployment Rate
Homeless Individuals
Family Support

We all do it rough at some point. ThinkYouth offers family support that emphasizes physical, financial and moral help for families in need of basic security.

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Youth Services

Through our youth services, we help youth become educated and empowered through effective leadership.

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Disaster Relief

Think Youth's disaster management relief service aims to empower affected local sectors to help them recuperate in their situation both as individuals and as a community.

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Coronavirus Assistance

Providing food relief parcels to where it’s needed most, including international students.

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Community Events

ThinkYouth engages the community in events involving educators, panel events, and forums.

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