About Us

Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows

The light of hope is what guides us out of darkness. While we’re living in a time of ongoing joblessness, migration issues, and global pandemic, we’re bound to lose sight of that light at some point, or to know someone who has.

Currently, twenty-five percent of Australians have experienced mental health issues in their lives, while the unemployment rate has fallen to 6.9% this year alone, and homelessness has increased to 116,427 people. These numbers have only worsened in the face of global pandemic, while the less fortunate have continually faced more hardship.

According to government studies, the top reasons for such issues are a direct result of financial difficulties, loss of housing, and domestic violence . Often, Australians also forget that recent migrants continue to face the harsh realities of having the highest unemployment rates in Australia without the option of government help.

As the list grows of those doing it tough, so too does the need to relieve them of their suffering. At Think Youth, we believe that each person needs hope in their lives, and that’s why we’re here to help. We believe that if we help the less fortunate, we will give them the opportunity they deserve to shine a light on their lives. At Think Youth we believe that while each person is a unique individual, all people deserve basic rights – and that’s why we’re here to share the light of hope.